mind over matter

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

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Anonymous asked: Nicest guys in ur grade at jmss?

too many to name

Anonymous asked: Funniest guys in ur grade at jmss?

noah, justin, cole, max, mitch, armin, i can’t think of any more :$

Anonymous asked: You are honestly the most beautiful girl I have ever seen I see u in the halls and I am so jealous of you.. Your a lucky girl! Stay lovely xoxo

this just made my day, thank you so much <3<3

Anonymous asked: BackToSchoolGiftCards(.)com = Free Pizza. Fuck yeah. [not spam]


Anonymous asked: one tree hill or one direction

one tree hill over anything

Anonymous asked: with who


Anonymous asked: when was your last kiss ?

yesterday :)

papurs asked: ommg the first message on your 'posts' someone asked me the samew thing


Anonymous asked: Do you shave your pussy...?


Anonymous asked: i think you are masking your insecurity by being blatantly rude when people compliment you... i honestly think youre pretty and a cool person but a simple thank you to your friends would probably take you a long way

wow.. thank you for saying that, honestly