mind over matter

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

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Anonymous asked: Ur ass is perfect when can we fuck?


Anonymous asked: can we makeout?

sure beb

Anonymous asked: You're not going to like what they wrote about you on TumblrPic(.)com


Anonymous asked: prettiest girls at your school?

every single one

Anonymous asked: who did you wheel at saunders farm

hahahaha i dont even know.. this guy named will

Anonymous asked: ur too cute. hottest grade 10♥

oh not even close, but thank you<3

Anonymous asked: top girls who dress the best + top guys who dress the best at jmss?

why do you do this to me honestly i’m too lazy for this shit ask me later xoxo luv ya

Anonymous asked: hottest non-whites at ur school? same grade.

hahaha whaaat argh

armin rakeme nikola i am totally blanking out right now sowwy


Anonymous asked: who were you married to on fb & why did uz divorce?

armin<3 and well because he had been married to a lot of girls this year and he wanted to slow down ;) hahaha