mind over matter

"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring."

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Anonymous asked: remember the time keith died on oth? yeah :(

who could forget

Anonymous asked: your hot af ;)


Anonymous asked: Lucas or Nathan Scott ??

fuckkkkk honestly i would have to go with nathan

I am so happy with yesterday’s hour long episode of HIMYM. Barney’s proposal and final page of the Playbook brought me to tears. His plan was so complicated and smart and so full of patience, and yet so beautiful. I will forever be a fan of Robyn and Barney’s love story.

Anonymous asked: no problem babe, i love you♥ xoxox :*

i love you too

Anonymous asked: you are so beautiful, i hope you know that♥ i'm being serious, you are beautiful inside and out! i love you hun♥ xoxoxx

Thank you so much

Anonymous asked: fav boyzzz jmss

Umm lots :) like armin ishan brad etc

Anonymous asked: ass so fat i need a lap dance, nice bum doee real talk

Haaa ok

Anonymous asked: i wanna put my nipples in your butthooo all day long forever


Anonymous asked: thoughts on ishan & toby

omfg ishan is just the best at everything <3<3<3 and i don’t know toby that well but he’s very outgoing and seems like a cool kid :)