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Anonymous asked: 11 and list the reason for all ur ex's

reason it’s done between me & mitch: basically i fucked up and acted like i didn’t care about him because i was trying not to get hurt. but i ended up hurting him and just pushing him away. "the one that got away." he was so sweet and funny and caring and a jerk in a joking way and i liked him sooooo much - so naturally i made a point of flirting with everyone in sight when he was around. including his best friend. i’m a fucking idiot.

reason it’s done between me & nikhil: looool we weren’t even real.. it was just a middle school “relationship” that lacked communication

reason it’s done between me & carter: with high school on it’s way and the distance between us we decided it was gonna be too hard to try and see each other often enough to keep being together, so we stopped talking before it got too messy. we tried again after neither of us could move on, but we had both changed so much that we couldn’t get along anymore.

reason it’s done between me & logan: i’m not really sure what happened with this one :s we really really liked each other but we went to different schools and eventually we couldn’t find the time for one another. honestly i kind of feel like i’m to blame for this one because i didn’t wanna get too serious.. i kept trying to push him away and it ended up working.

so those are the main ones